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From your local school board to the halls of Congress and the federal bureaucracy, TSTA membership gives you more power and resources for advancing your own interests and those of your schools and students. Your impact on issues is strengthened by TSTA/NEA’s size, experience, and representation. 

How to contribute to TSTA-PAC

Because TSTA dues money cannot be used to elect public officials, we must count on our members making contributions to our Continuing Contributor Program fund. Together, we can change the future. And it's easy: you can contribute online through our secure PayPal page! Visit http://www.tsta.org/issues-and-action/take-action-at-the-state-level/contribute-tsta-pac to become a continuing contributor or send a one-time contribution through PayPal.

What happened in the 2013 state legislative session?

Read about what passed in the regular session at http://tsta.org/issues-and-action/take-action-state-level

TSTA tracks education legislation

Each session, TSTA tracks education-related bills. http://www.tstaweb.net/BillTracking.html


Why Join TSTA

TSTA is a movement to change the way public schools and public school employees are treated.

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Teacher Survival Tips

Survival Tips

Your fellow members have shared hundreds of ideas for the classroom. Search through the archives or submit your own tips.

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