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Join TSTA-Retired

If not us, who?

  • Be a part of the movement again.  As an integral part of the public school employees’ union, your TSTA membership will contribute to a strong movement that supports and strengthens public education in Texas.  Strength in numbers, remember?  Imagine how effective your wealth of knowledge and experience could impact education today.  Now with TSTA-R, you can continue to support public education and advocate for the welfare of all retired school employees.
  • Not ready to retire yet? Plan ahead and enroll in TSTA Pre-Retired while still employed and gain Lifetime Membership!  Go to our TSTA Pre-Retired Membership page at http://www.tsta.org/node/730 to find out more information.

Member Benefits.  As a member of TSTA-R/NEA-R, don’t forget to take advantage of benefits such as Click & Save, savings and investment plans, credit programs, and insurance discounts.  Go to www.neamb.com to find out how to recoup your dues, or view all of your membership benefits at http://www.tsta.org/for-members/member-benefits.

Fellowship and social networking opportunities.  Meet with other education retirees in your area on the regional, state, and national level.  Get together for general meetings in your area.  Plan trips through tour packages.  Organize and become a leader.  Volunteer together in your community.  Attend TSTA and NEA conventions. To view a complete list of TSTA-Retired region directors in your area and their contact information, go to: http://tsta.org/sites/default/files/RETIRED_14-15_BOD.pdf.

How to Join TSTA-Retired/NEA-Retired

Step 1:  Print TSTA-R Membership Form from the following link: http://tsta.org/sites/default/files/TSTAR-MembershipForm2015.pdf

Step 2:  Fill out form completely.

  • Remember that in order to qualify, you must be eligible to receive a pension and you must have been employed by a school district for at least 5 years.
  • Check which payment option best fits your needs.
  • Some regional associations will charge additional dues to meet organizational needs.  For more information on regional dues, contact a regional director.  The list of Retired Regional directors can be found at the following link:  http://tsta.org/sites/default/files/RETIRED_14-15_BOD.pdf
  • Note that if you choose Annual Membership, you must renew your membership every year by sending in your renewal check and updating any personal information, such as address and phone number and email changes. Membership year starts September 1st and ends August 31st.
  • If you enroll in Pre-Retired Lifetime Membership, please remember to notify TSTA of your retirement date by calling toll free at (877) ASK-TSTA, or by submitting a membership status change form via mail or email at tsta-r@tsta.org.  Once notification is received, TSTA will change your status from “Pre-Retired” to “Retired”. Please go to http://tsta.org/sites/default/files/14-15_MembershipStatusChangeForm.pdf for a membership status change form.

Step 3:  Make checks payable to TSTA-R/NEA-R.  Our mailing address is:

316 W. 12th Street
Austin, TX 78701

For faster processing, you may scan and email your completed enrollment form to tsta-r@tsta.org, and TSTA will contact you at the phone number provided for your credit or debit card payment information.