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August 10,2012
Linda Flores


Linda Flores of El Paso Teachers Association shares what she learned at the summer Emerging Leaders Conference: "We're not alone. We all kind of share the same issues. (TSTA) is not only there when you're in trouble, it's there to support you."


Donna ISD

Linda Estrada, a secretary in Donna ISD and member of TSTA’s Board of Directors, says, "Can you imagine what changes we could make if we were to all come together? We just need to lose that fear. Through NEA, through my state association, all the training I got, it gave me the confidence and helped me get rid of the fear.”

More children raised by relatives and family friends

More than 2.7 million children in America were raised by relatives at some time in their lives, and that number has grown by 18 percent in the last decade, the new KIDS COUNT report says.

North East Teachers Association

Loryn Windwehen, a science teacher at Harris Middle School in North East ISD (San Antonio), won TSTA's Ermalee Boice Instructional Advocacy Award in 2012. "To be a powerful teacher and a memorable educator for these kids, especially in this day and age, you have to show you're excited about your job even on days when you're exhausted. They feed off our energy, whether it's negative or positive."


Everyone needs a voice. You know the TEAM concept -- Together Everyone Achieves More? That's really true with TSTA.


ESP member
Cypress-Fairbanks ISD

The elementary kids, they are so impressionable. That’s really what touches my heart, is when I have an opportunity to talk to them. Sometimes the teachers will just shut down what they’re doing and have us explain to the students what it is that we do, and they have a better understanding that we’re not just the maintenance department, we’re actually there to provide for them.

Fifth grade teacher
Ysleta ISD

Arturo Villanueva, a teacher at Mission Valley Elementary, spoke at the Save Texas Schools Rally in Austin March 24. Click to hear his comments.

Bilingual third grade teacher
Austin ISD

No matter what's happening outside...in the classroom, we can be happy, and we can enjoy, and we can sometimes forget about the serious, difficult problems outside in our lives.

Honorary member

We’re making him an honorary member for visiting three Texas schools on March 1-2 with NEA’s Read Across America Tour – McShan Elementary School in Dallas and Rodriguez and Metz Elementary Schools in Austin. This short video is from the Austin leg of his tour. To see photos of Read Across America celebrations, see http://www.flickr.com/photos/tstapublicaffairs/sets/72157629133226652. For more information on Read Across America, see www.nea.org/readacross.

Prekindergarten teacher
Austin ISD

I think that pre-k really works

"I take the time to do 20 home visits the first two weeks of school. It is a lot of work, but I invest the time because I want to build very strong relationships with the parents."

Montserrat Garibay teaches a bilingual pre-kindergarten class at Lucy Read Pre-kindergarten Demonstration School in Austin ISD. She serves on the executive board of Education Austin. Read more about her in the winter 2011 Advocate.


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