• March to the Capitol

    Join your fellow educators and friends of public education for a march to the Capitol and a rally on the south steps on Monday, March 11, 2019. The rally will begin at noon.

  • Pflugerville member leads “College Shirt Wednesday” campaign

    When TSTA member Margaret Olivarez realized that none of her third graders had a college t-shirt to wear, she reached out to institutions across the nation. The response was overwhelming.

  • Keeping our eyes on the Capitol

    Follow the development of education-related bills in the 86th session of the Texas Legislature with our bill tracking tool.

  • TSTA stands up for immigration justice

    Texas is at the center of the immigration debate, and TSTA is committed to treating immigrants and their families with dignity and respect. Click below to find out more about the issues.

  • Download or update your free TSTA app

    Visit iTunes or Google Play for better design and flow, access to publications, and the ability to add TSTA events to your calendar.

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Education news

January 17, 2019

SB 3 will still leave Texas teachers below national average

Senate Bill 3 would increase education funding in the state by more than $4 billion, with most of the money going to towards a $5,000 raise to teachers.


Pflugerville Elementary teacher leads "College Shirt Wednesday" campaign

Every week at Pflugerville ISD’s Copperfield Elementary students and educators are encouraged to participate in “College Shirt Wednesdays,” when teachers and staff can celebrate their alma maters and students can look forward to their own college experiences.

But when Margaret Olivarez, a TSTA member who teaches third-grade bilingual education, looked around her classroom one Wednesday last fall, she didn’t see a single university represented. After polling her students, she discovered that not one of them had a college shirt to wear.

Political Affairs

Top education issues

Here is a summary of major educational issues before the Legislature and TSTA's stand on them.

Grading Texas

Grading Texas

So-called education “reformers” who persist in advocating for “merit pay” for teachers – that is, singling out a relative handful of teachers for higher pay based largely on student test scores or some other data-driven hoop they can jump through – are missing the real problem.

San Antonio Alliance demands transparency

The Alliance's President Shelley Potter demands transparency concerning the district's decision to turn over a neighborhood school to a corporate charter.

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2019 Legislative Session

Legislative action and update

Keep informed on what's happening in the Texas Legislature and what you can do about it.

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