2020 Charter Application includes several TSTA recommendations

The new 2020 Generation 25 charter application was released by the Texas Education Agency late last week and will be used to determine when and whether applicants seeking to open in August of 2021 will be approved. Texas State Teachers Association, in conjunction with a coalition of partners working together to reform the Texas charter school system, submitted recommendations to the Texas Education Agency and School Board of Education on the topic. While there is more work to be done, TSTA is happy to see that the new application includes several of our recommendations and is a step in the right direction. Importantly, the changes in the 2020 Generation 25 Application reflect the need for more community engagement and feedback on applicants.

The following recommendations made by TSTA and the coalition were included in the new 2020 Generation 25 Application:

  • Charter Applicants must now send a notice of required public meetings to all SBOE members and members of the legislature that represent the geographic area where the charter would be located. This will hopefully allow for greater dissemination of this information and more public engagement.
  • When charter applicants notify the appropriate SBOE members and legislators, they must also copy TEA so the agency receives notification of all required meetings.
  • Applicants to interviews for charter capacity will be notified six weeks before the interviews are conducted.
    Charter applicants must submit a Statement of Impact form to SBOE members that represent the geographic area where the charter would be located.
  • Charter applicants must submit résumés for all Board members and key personnel.