Has this year been worth your time?

Galen Ballard, education support professional with Ector County ISD and former TSTA ESP of the Year Award winner, shares his end-of-school thoughts:
Every time a school year comes to an end and one thinks of all the trouble he/she has gone through just to pass.  Is the reason really … just to pass?
One showers oneself with as many excuses as he/she can think of to avoid the explanation of low grades, absents, tardiness, and most important, conduct.

If one looks back and honestly looks for the reason in bad grades, he/she finds that sometimes he/she found him/herself discouraged for some reason and just let ones lessons go by.  The effort needed to make it better just was not there.

In being absent, the slightest illness proved an excuse to stay away from school, but after thinking about it one finds that he/she could have made it that day.

What about tardiness? Can you think of a good excuse for that?

Look back through the past year and ask what considerations have been given to teachers and staff.  Look even farther and ask how have I conducted myself.  Are you that person who only remembers a teacher because he/she had constantly gotten after you?  Are you that person who has hate for that teacher because he/she hides the teacher’s reason for getting after him/her?  If he/she thinks, about it he/she finds that, his/her conduct and behavior towards the teacher and class were poor and enough reason to be called down.

Is it not true that many times one finds himself/herself bored because his/her teachers gave a lot of homework?  One feels stuffed because assignments are going to need time and effort.  A teacher’s job is to teach, which is carried on well by the teachers in Texas.

One can not say that Texas has poor teachers because their teaching comes to a point.  The student must come in at this point.  It is up to the student to learn and put forth the effort in trying to accomplish what the teacher wants him/her to.  One must not have the attitude of just passing, but the desire to learn as much as possible and benefit from all his/her subjects.