TSTA Store

With TSTA Staff working remotely, the TSTA Store is currently closed. Orders for in-stock promotional items are being filled offsite in limited quantities of 100 for two items: .5 oz. hand sanitizer ($0.85 each) and Instant Hand Sanitizer Pocket Packs ($0.95 each).

Please email ocald@tsta.org to inquire about hand sanitizer, or to request artwork for your vendor-direct merchandise order.


Bumper sticker 

Bumper Sticker
TAKE A STAND for our public schools!
$.50 each

flash drive

Flash Drive
USB 2.0 2G
$3.00 each


$.50 each


Lapel pin for ARs
Fired enamel, TSTA logo, ¾”
$1.50 each

metal pen

Metal Pen (Blue Barrel)
with “Make a Difference”
$1.50 each


Pencil – (White and Blue)
$.15 each

SPECIAL BUY: Hand Sanitizer
Credit Card Style (20ml)
$1.00 each

sticker square

Sticker-Rounded Edges
TSTA Logo 3″x2.5″ ($15.00 per roll of 250)
$.10 each

Sticky notes

Sticky Notepad
TSTA Logo, 25 sheets
$.30 each

Tote Bag
Large, 3 Pockets and zippered
$6.00 each

Water Bottle Holder
Blue with strap
$1.50 each

Mini First Aid Kit (Includes four bandages, two
first aid creams and two antiseptic towelettes)
$1.50 each

Hand Sanitizer,
Instant Pocket Pack
$0.95 each

Bumper sticker

ID holder (deluxe) Blue
Zippered pouch w pen holders in back
$1.50 each

label pin

Lapel Pin
TSTA Logo 1”
$1.00 each


Javelin Pen (Top Click, Blue
Barrel with TSTA Logo)
$.30 each


25 sheets
$.75 each

plastic bag

Plastic Bag
12 X 15 with handle
$ 0.20 each

Sugar Free Mints
(Peppermint Flavor)
$1.00 each

Tumbler with Snap‐on lid and straw
16 oz, blue with white TSTA logo

USB Wall Charger
Blue, one port, TSTA logo outline
$1.50 each

ID sticker

CLEARANCE: Stickers for ID badges
Tiny round TSTA logo in color
$.75 per sheet of 192

Belt Buckle TSTA Logo
$2.00 each

Sticker Round

CLEARANCE: Sticker – Round 3”
“I am a TSTA Member”
$.04 each ($40 per roll of 1,000)

Hand Sanitizer,
small ½ oz. bottle
$.85 each