All three endorsed candidates win in Laredo

Last night Ernest Davila stated “the union is hot” after all of our three endorsed candidates swept the school board elections.

Indeed we are “hot” and most folks in Laredo are taking note, especially the top brass in administration who normally have a big hand in the outcome of school board elections.

They may wondering what we did differently from past school board elections were the union was not very effective. In fact, just two years ago, the union won 1 of 5 school board races, not very effective at all.

So what did we do differently? Here is what we did in a nutshell:

  • Appointed Ernest Davila as our LPAC chair.
  • Developed a voter database management system using Access
  • Established a school board screening and recommendations committee
  • Held a series of trainings for the committee
  • Held a general membership meeting to endorse candidates
  • Established a team of TSTA members to work directly with the endorsed candidates’ campaign to specifically target our union members, which included but was not limited to, block walking, mail-outs and, phone banking.
  • Launched a publicity campaign which included letters to the editor, radio interviews, newspaper ads, e-mails and, facebook.
  • Worked collectively, diligently and methodically towards our goal.

Today we are all jumping up and down with joy. Though we lost the big one, the governor’s race, we had a perfect sweep in Laredo. — from TSTA staff member Steve Sianez