TSTA House of Delegates

Update: In the interest of safety, the House of Delegates face-to-face meeting has been cancelled. We will be hosting a virtual meeting on May 30th. More details to follow! TSTA statewide elections will be conducted by mail ballot.

Click on the following link to be directed to the House of Delegates website: http://tstahod.com/

The TSTA House of Delegates (HoD) is TSTA’s highest decision-making body and serves a vital role in the governance of TSTA. Delegates are elected as representatives to the HoD, and may establish goals for TSTA, amend its bylaws, and act on recommendations from the TSTA officers, board, or committees. Elections for officers, NEA Directors, and At-Large members of the TSTA Board are held at this annual assembly.

The theme for the TSTA 2020 Young Artist Contest is “Celebrating Diversity in My Public School”. Entries must be mailed to the TSTA Headquarters no later than February 12, 2020. Click here to download the Young Artist Contest application. All artwork will be displayed in an online gallery and voted on by the registered delegates. We look forward to seeing all the artwork! If you have any questions about the Art Contest, please email Crystal Carpenter at crystalc@tsta.org.