1. You’ll have the chance to belong to a group of great people. TSTA-AE has opportunities for its members to make meaningful connections with each others at the campus, regional, state and national level.
  2. You’ll be the first to know what’s going on. Our members stay informed through a variety of media, including a weekly electronic newsletter, statewide magazine, web site and TSTA-AE newsletter.
  3. You’ll have help in becoming a better teacher with TSTA’s First Year Survival Guide.
  4. You get a lifeline—877-ASK-TSTA—when you have questions or problems.
  5. You’ll have legal protection and outstanding liability coverage.
  6. We’re working in the legislature to improve your salary and benefits.
  7. We’ve got instructional growth opportunities: grants, the annual instructional conference, a professional library, weekly teaching tips by email, and ongoing research into more effective way to teach kids.
  8. We’ll save you money on everything from movie tickets to tires and vacations, and we’ve got group insurance and financial planning.
  9. We’re your source for information on which Texas school districts have the best salary and benefits.
  10. You’ll be part of the 3.2 million member National Education Association. One out of every 100 Americans is a NEA member. Find out more at www.nea.org.

Joining TSTA-AE is your commitment to action. It is the best investment you can make toward your profession and your career. If you are interested in joining, please download and complete the TSTA-SP membership form or contact Adriana Lozada for more information.