Month: <span>June 2010</span>

Life is but a dream

Please forgive me, folks, but I almost missed some important, positive news over the weekend. Hidden among all the dire headlines about budget cuts and looming layoffs was a moreupbeat report from Gov. Rick “tellitlikeIwantto” Perry. It seems that $18 billion state revenue shortfall that untold numbers of state employees – including educators – have […]

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No summer vacation from hunger

People need to step up to the plate so hungry kids can have a plate to step up to. That was the message from Texas Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples this week as he promoted a program that will provide free lunches to school children during the summer. The program, costs of which are reimbursed by […]

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What safety net?

Texas already has gaping holes in its social safety net, holes that will only grow larger – and more dangerous – with the spending cuts ordered last week by state leaders, including a governor who isn’t willing to set the example by giving up his $10,000 a month, taxpayerfinanced rental mansion in suburban Austin. This […]

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