Month: <span>September 2010</span>

Perpetuating voter ignorance

Gov. Rick Perry may not be the only candidate for state office trying to dodge a televised debate with his opponent this fall – if that’s what he’s really trying to do. (He may be just using his footdragging as an excuse to keep yammering away at a nonissue – Bill White’s tax returns.) Aided […]

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Visiting with real experts

If there were some extra people wandering the halls at Bowie High School in Austin this morning, they probably were parentrefugees from Back to School night still trying to figure out the bell schedule and the campus geography. I have lost count of how many of these annual events I have attended, but now I […]

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Lowering the bar

They may not accomplish much sometimes, but our state officials do love to pat themselves on the back. “We have set the bar high for Texas students and educators,” state Education Commissioner Robert Scott said in budget documents released this week by the Texas Education Agency. He was trying to assure Texas parents and other […]

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