Month: <span>April 2012</span>

Teachers, students indebted to late legislator

Most don’t know it, but thousands of public school teachers and students in Texas are indebted to the late Carlos Truan, a former legislator and public education champion from Corpus Christi who died Tuesday. Sure, as many veteran Capitol insiders will remember, Truan’s speeches could be insufferably long (even in a forum where long is […]

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The Big Lie won’t die

Republican state officials continue to spread the Big Lie. The latest is Comptroller Susan Combs, who told a BryanCollege Station forum yesterday that the Legislature didn’t reduce funding for public education last year but increased it by $2 billion. If she thinks her nose looks a little longer this morning, it may have more to […]

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Public education not as simple as A, B and C

Don’t believe everything you read or watch about the public schools in America’s media, journalist Paul Farhi warns. In the American Journalism Review article linked below, Farhi makes good arguments that the “sky is falling” style of education reporting in some news outlets is overblown, misinformed and, intentionally or not, promotes the goals of selfstyled […]

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