Day: <span>February 7, 2014</span>

Abbott needs to support South Texas schools, not insult its residents


A very well-written editorial in the McAllen Monitor takes strong exception to Greg Abbott’s remarks that indirectly, but deliberately and inaccurately, painted the border area of South Texas as “third world.” It is linked below and well-worth reading.

South Texas isn’t “third world.” But it has had all it can take from the patronizing attitudes of public officials, such as Abbott, who purport to want South Texans’ votes yet continue to squash the single most important economic development tool the region has – its public education system.

Don’t forget that Abbott is the state attorney general who continues to defend the state’s under-funded and unfair school finance system, including $5.4 billion in budget cuts that continue to hit many South Texas school districts extremely hard.

Families in the Valley raise their children in the same wealthy state that is responsible for educating children from families in Highland Park in Dallas and River Oaks in Houston. We all want the same things for our children – good schools, good jobs and an opportunity to succeed. We’re all Texans, and we need leaders who are more interested in educating our children than using terms like “third world” to characterize any area of our state.