Day: <span>March 19, 2014</span>

Another senator who will be bad news for public schools


Don Huffines, the wealthy Tea Partier from Dallas who unseated moderate state Sen. John Carona in the Republican primary, has endorsed the teaching of creationism in the public schools, and a Dallas Morning News writer in the blog linked below expresses surprise.

The only thing surprising about this development is the writer’s surprise.

Sure, as the writer points out, the U.S. Supreme Court some years ago declared the teaching of creationism in the public schools unconstitutional. Should that make a difference to anyone on the way to being a state senator? Sure, but not to an ideologue, and Huffines clearly is an ideologue.

He definitely will be one of those ultraconservatives who will move the Senate even more to the right. He faces no Democratic opposition in November and has endorsed fellow Tea Partier Dan Patrick for lieutenant governor.

Judging from what else Huffines has had to say about his legislative priorities, he will be bad news for anyone learning or working in public schools. He supports private school vouchers and opposes raising more state tax dollars for schools or anything else. For that matter, he also will be bad news for anyone who tries to get from Point A to Point B in a reasonable amount of time on a Texas highway or depends on any other kind of public service.

So, endorsing the effort to inject creationism into the public school curriculum shouldn’t surprise anyone who paid much attention to Huffines’ recent campaign against Carona.

The writer ends his blog with the comment that “voters should start paying closer attention.”

You think?