Day: <span>May 25, 2016</span>

Governor doesn’t want to “waste” more money on education


Far from being a champion for more education funding, Gov. Greg Abbott has made remarks suggesting he thinks Texas and other states are “wasting money” on educators and school kids.

On a stop in Midland to promote his new book, the governor again defended the Texas Supreme Court decision that upheld Texas’ inadequate and unfair school finance system. And, according to the Midland Reporter-Telegram, he indicated he will not make improvements in education funding a priority during next year’s legislative session. Quite the contrary.

Despite new National Education Association rankings that show Texas spends about $2,700 less than the national average in per student funding, Abbott implied that spending more would “waste more money.”

Without offering any evidence, he said: “We have found from the states that spend more money – that waste more money – that they have a far inferior product. Money is not always the answer. You have to be smart. The focus is on educating children, not writing checks.”

What’s so “smart” about educating children in overcrowded classrooms, with outdated instructional materials and outdated technology? What’s so “smart” about over-testing and under-funding? What’s so “smart” about treating students like widgets?

Get your head out of the sand, governor.