Day: <span>March 8, 2017</span>

Another bad idea: business internships for teachers


I will applaud Gov. John Kasich of Ohio for one thing: he tried to beat Donald Trump in last year’s presidential race. But as an education policymaker, Kasich leaves a bit to be desired. Consider, for instance, his not-so-bright idea that every classroom teacher in his state serve a mandatory internship at a local business or chamber of commerce in order to renew their teaching licenses.

Even Dan Patrick, who is full of bad ideas, hasn’t come up with that particular piece of “reform,” at least not yet.

The Kasich staffer who designed the business internship requirement claimed it is necessary to help teachers prepare their students for the 21st century economy, neaToday reported in the article linked below. But as Ohio Education Association President Becky Higgins pointed out, “This is another needless hoop for teachers to jump through that was created by those who are not part of the profession.”

Apparently many Ohio legislators are listening to Higgins and other educators because, according to the article, there is a good chance lawmakers will kill the requirement, which otherwise would go into effect in September 2018.

One state senator had another idea. Why don’t business people shadow teachers? That should be a requirement for every business person and chamber of commerce-type who pretends to be an education “reformer” but hasn’t set foot in a classroom since graduation.

It also would be a whole new education for some legislators as well.