Voucher advocates fight back


As I warned yesterday, the voucher fight isn’t over, despite the good news that House Education Chairman Dan Huberty has announced his intent to scuttle the proposal. Voucher advocates are promising to double down on their efforts, and Republican right-wingers are trying to get their party leadership to censure Huberty, who is a Republican.

The Kingwood Tea Party in Huberty’s District 127 in Houston will try to convince the State Republican Executive Committee to pass a resolution censuring Huberty this weekend. Remember, the tea party wants to shrink government, beginning with public education, and is more interested in spreading its anti-government ideology than promoting what’s best for educators and school kids.

Also, according to the Texas Tribune article linked below, the main pro-voucher group plans to try to drum up pro-voucher sentiment against Huberty in his legislative district in hopes of pressuring him to change his mind.

Keep contacting your legislators against vouchers, and if you live in Huberty’s district (House 127 in the Houston area), tell him you support his stand. With three months remaining in the legislative session, the fight over vouchers is still very much alive.

If you don’t know who your state senator and state representative are, click on this link, enter your home address and click on Senate and House for district type. It will tell you who they are and how to contact them.




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