Texas needs more than a blessing


The late Lt. Gov. Bob Bullock, who died in 1999 soon after retiring from public office, had a reputation for being more rowdy than religious, but he cared deeply about the people – all the people – in our state. He worked to improve critical services, including education and health care, and strengthen Texas’ future.

When Bullock ended speeches or letters with his signature “God Bless Texas,” you knew he was playing to Lone Star chauvinism, but you also suspected he meant what he said.

The current lieutenant governor, Dan Patrick, also has taken to using the “God Bless Texas” line, but his use of it seems about as phony as his professed interest in school children, anyone in need of help or anything that would prepare Texas for real prosperity in the 21st century.

Bullock had a lot of flaws, but he was a leader. Patrick is a charlatan who has hijacked Bullock’s signature and continues to try to hijack Texas’ future by neglecting the state’s real needs in favor of phony, discriminatory issues that pander to fear and ignorance. We soon will see more of that in the upcoming special legislative session.

With Patrick and a governor who is afraid of him holding the state’s top two offices, our state needs a new motto:

God Help Texas.





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