SBOE member issues very silly, meaningless defense of DeVos


Many people who supported the unfit Betsy DeVos for education secretary have offered weak rationalizations, but the silliest statement in support of her that I have seen came from State Board of Education member David Bradley of Beaumont.

Bradley told the Beaumont Enterprise this week that criticism of DeVos’ lack of public education experience was irrelevant and that opponents were “simply trying to be obstructionists.”

“I don’t think having worked in public education is a qualification any more than being dead to work on the Texas Funeral (Service Commission), or being an alcoholic to be on the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission,” Bradley said.

Bradley should know something about being an obstructionist. His critics would say he has spent much of his long tenure on the state board being an obstructionist to the best educational offerings for Texas school children.

If he was trying to be flippant with the rest of his statement, he flipped it too far. The relevant point is that Betsy DeVos is alive and presumably healthy and in a position to do a lot of damage to public schools and student opportunities.

If you want to see Bradley’s quote for yourself, check the 13th and 14th paragraphs of the story at this link:


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