Abbott’s latest answer to school gun violence? Find a fake Texas Ranger

Gov. Greg Abbott will do almost anything, it seems, to promote school safety without addressing the main issue – the need for gun reform.

He has promoted legislative studies, safety audits, surprise school inspections and locked doors. Now, he has enlisted the help of a fake Texas Ranger, who also happens to be a longtime spokesperson for the National Rifle Association.

Abbott announced that Chuck Norris – former star of the TV series, Walker Texas Ranger, and other tough guy roles – will do public service announcements to help spread the message that anyone who sees suspicious activity around a school should send an alert to the iWatchTexas reporting system.

“Law enforcement can’t stop the bad guys if they don’t know who they are,” Norris says in one PSA. “That’s why I wanted to tell you about iWatch, a website, phone app and service that allows Texans to report suspicious activity.”

If one of Norris’ PSAs actually saves a life, it will be worth the effort.

But how many more lives could potentially be saved if Abbott would promote legislation to make it more difficult for dangerous people to obtain firearms?

He won’t do that though. Instead, he continues to bring out initiatives – some people would call them gimmicks – to pretend to be promoting school safety while keeping the NRA happy.

Norris not only has promoted the NRA, he also has been a spokesperson for Glock, the gun manufacturer.

These PSAs should include the disclaimer: Approved by the National Rifle Association.

Gov. Greg Abbott deploys Chuck Norris to help stop the next school shooting

Clay Robison


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