An inexpensive pat on the head

Nice words are, well, nice. But they don’t pay the bills.

Click on the link below to read about House Resolution 828, routinely approved by the Texas House this week, declaring March 2125 as Texas Retired Teachers Week.

“The Texas House of Representatives takes pride in its public educators, who provide an invaluable service to the people of Texas,” the resolution states.

No kidding.

Unfortunately, as Richard Whittaker notes in his Austin Chronicle item about the measure, “The state is obviously so enamored of retired teachers that it is preparing to make lots more of them – many prematurely, as they accept early buyouts.”

If the House really appreciates the contributions of teachers (as well as bus drivers and other educational support staff), it should reject a draconian budget that would slash public education funding by $8 billion and, with it, thousands of educators’ jobs. And, oh yes, the budget also would cut funding to the Teacher Retirement System.

The resolution is nice and doubtlessly is appreciated by many retired teachers. But the budget approved by the House Appropriations Committee speaks a lot more loudly. And, it is nothing but bad news.

Educators – active and retired – need adequate compensation, not just pats on the head.


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