Bureaucrats bashing bureaucracy

State Rep.elect David Simpson of Longview, one of the conservatives riding the big Republican wave in November, admits he still has a “lot to learn” on the eve of taking office next week. So, to learn something about the public schools, he invited East Texas educators to a meeting in his new district.

Unfortunately, however, he scheduled the meeting during a school day. So, the real educational experts, of course, were in class, teaching. I don’t know if they were even invited. But nine school administrators – six superintendents and three assistant superintendents from eight school districts – did show up. And, guess what they wanted to complain about? Bureaucracy and red tape, according to the Longview NewsJournal, which covered the meeting.

Imagine that.

I am all for eliminating wasteful bureaucracy and red tape. But, maybe, Simpson will schedule another meeting – on a weekend with teachers – so he can also learn something about education, things like the importance of class sizes, uptodate textbooks, adequately equipped science labs and teacher mentoring.

That’s what teachers do. They teach people who have much to learn, and they do a very good job of it. But students, including new legislators, also have to listen.



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