Donna Howard, nailbiter

Probably the closest race out there tonight involves my state representative, TSTAbacked Donna Howard of Austin. According to final but unofficial returns from the secretary of state, she beat her Republican challenger, Dan Neil, by 15 (that is fifteen) votes out of more than 51,000 cast. That was 24,997 votes for Howard to 24,982 for Neil. A Libertarian got 1,517.
Neil, of course, may ask for a recount if this result holds up.

Howard was one of 22 incumbent Democrats in the Texas House listed as endangered by Quorum Report. Some have lost, and others are losing, although final votes haven’t been tallied yet.

The other 21 are Stephen Frost, Mark Homer, Jim McReynolds, Abel Herrero, Yvonne Gonzalez Toureilles, Diana Maldonado, Joe Heflin, Kirk England, Allen Vaught, Kristi Thibaut, Solomon Ortiz Jr., Paula Pierson, Chris Turner, Robert Miklos, Liebowitz, Ellen Cohen, Hubert Vo, Jim Dunnam, Joe Moody, Carol Kent and Patrick Rose.

Some, but not many, were close enough to pull out a win. If all go down, the Republicans will be very close to a 100 vote supermajority in the 150member House.


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