First, the good news…

The Texas Education Agency reported today that the “vast majority” of Texas’ fifth and eighthgrade students passed the math and reading TAKS tests, one of the requirements for promotion to the next grade. That means most of our school children and their educators are doing their jobs.

But what about our alleged state “leaders”? Those would be the individuals in Austin who love the word, “accountability,” as long as it is applied to someone else. What kind of job are they doing?

While thousands of school kids and teachers are wading through another round of TAKS testing this week, the decisionmakers at the Capitol continue to pull the rug out from under them.

The governor and his tea party accomplices in the House are still congratulating themselves for slashing $8 billion from the public schools, and Senate budgetwriters are patting themselves on the back for cutting ONLY $4 billion. Meanwhile, adding more injury to injury, the House was getting ready to debate HB400 later today to make a fullscale assault on teachers’ salaries and employment rights.

School kids could teach their legislators a thing or two about responsibility…and accountability.


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