It’s inauguration day: duck and cover

The TSTA building, only a couple of blocks from the Capitol, shook a bit when the National Guard’s cannons were fired this morning during the inaugural ceremony. I assured one of my colleagues we weren’t under attack, at least not from the National Guard. It was merely the traditional 19gun salute afforded Gov. Perry to commemorate the beginning of his umpteenth term.

Besides, the guns, even if they were pointed in our direction, were firing blanks. Unfortunately, as far as the public schools and school teachers were concerned, so was Perry’s inaugural speech. In four and onehalf pages (doublespaced) of text, the governor devoted one sentence to anything that could be construed as public education.

It was, “We must continue investing in our people, developing young minds, grooming and attracting the best and brightest in the fields of science and medicine, giving individuals the tools and the freedom to prosper.”

Wow. That line almost set the podium afire.

Predictably, Perry spent many more sentences bashing the policymakers in Washington, vowing to cut spending and predicting a miraculous (if would have to be) new century of historic success for our state.

An inaugural address is supposed to be thematic, laying out an officeholder’s priorities in broad strokes. If so, education is very low on the governor’s agenda. Indeed. Maybe those big guns were pointed at us, and maybe the loud boombooms were a notsosubtle message.


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