Pitching a curveball

Much as I may want to, folks, I can’t blame Gov. Perry for the Texas Rangers’ 02 stumble in the early games of the World Series. But if you want to start a rumor about a Perry hex invading the visitors’ clubhouse in San Francisco, please feel free.

Some of you series watchers may have noticed, though, that Perry has been filling part of the air time between innings of Ranger futility with what seems to be his “closer” commercial – a TV spot designed to assure voters on the eve of Election Day that Texas is in good hands as long as Rick is governor.

Perry is friendly, folksy and confident as he promises to balance the budget without raising taxes, secure the border, create new jobs and strengthen the schools.

He also is deceitful.

Balancing a budget with a revenue shortfall as high as $25 billion without raising taxes cannot be accomplished without deep budget cuts, which Perry also has promised (although not in this commercial). And, deep budget cuts will weaken, not strengthen, the public schools and a host of other public services.

The Rangers can afford one more loss. I am not sure how many more Perryera losses the public schools can afford, but not many.

This is the last day for early voting.


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