“Privatizing” public schools?

The transformation of “free” public schools into “fee” public schools continues. As I have written in previous posts, the Keller ISD’s decision to charge for school bus service may be only the most dramatic example of a new round of fees in Texas public schools, thanks to the Legislature’s and governor’s recent budgetcutting.

If what is happening in Chicago area schools, meanwhile, is any indication, the growth of fees in the public schools may be limited only by administrators’ imaginations and the continued buckpassing of legislators.

Click on the link before to see a roundup by the Chicago Tribune of fees being assessed by public schools up there. There are registration fees, course fees, “roster fees” for kids who make athletic teams, as well as fees for books, labs, etc.

The newspaper found one high school parent whose final tally for her son’s sophomore classes was $665.

“This is like private school,” she said.

Maybe that’s where some governors and legislators would like to see us headed.



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