Remember to vote on Tuesday

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is Election Day, and TSTA urges everyone to take the time to vote, if you haven’t already voted early. Everybody will have the opportunity to vote on 10 proposed amendments to the Texas Constitution. There also are a scattering of local school board elections and one special election for the Texas House in Brazos County, all of which are critical to teachers and students. Voter turnout will be low, so those who do vote will have a strong opportunity to make a difference.

TSTA is backing Judy LeUnes, a former, 30year teacher in the special election for House District 14 in Brazos County. LeUnes, a Democrat and former president of the College Station Education Association, is the only candidate in the race to make education her top priority and vow to fight for more state support for public schools. Her opponents – three Republicans and a Libertarian have given lip service to education but have spent much of their time arguing about who is the biggest, budgetcutting conservative. Remember, the governor and the legislative majority already have slashed $5.4 billion from the public education budget this year. Teachers and school children can’t afford any more cuts. They need more people like Judy LeUnes – real education advocates – looking out for them at the Capitol.

Local school board races of interest include CypressFairbanks ISD, where Cy Fair TSTA/NEA is supporting Tom Jackson and Christine Hartley for Positions 1 and 2 on the board of trustees. And, AliefTSTA/NEA is backing Dr. John P. Hansen and Ann Williams for Positions 1 and 3 on the Alief ISD board.

TSTA isn’t taking a position on any of the proposed constitutional amendments, including Proposition 6, dealing with the Permanent School Fund. We urge everyone to study them and make your own decisions. Click on the following link for analyses of all 10 propositions, make up your own mind and then vote.


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