Rest in peace, Carlos Guerra

The passion that the late Carlos Guerra had for the young, emerging face of Texas is welldocumented in the news clips linked below. The retired San Antonio ExpressNews columnist, who was discovered dead yesterday in a Port Aransas condominium, was more than a writer. He also was an activist. One of his last endeavors, which he tirelessly promoted on Facebook, was to raise money for a scholarship fund at his alma mater, Texas A&M UniversityKingsville.

As contemporaries in the newspaper business, we occasionally crossed paths to exchange war stories, but mostly what I knew about Carlos was what I read in his columns. He championed the needs of children – health care and education, in particular – and was honored by TSTA, among other groups, for his impassioned contributions to the public debate.

Carlos was a voice for the Texas of today and the Texas of the foreseeable future, a Texas of immigrants and unlimited potential being shortchanged by an Austin power structure fearfully clinging to the past. He will be missed.


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