School vouchers are not a “conservative moral value”; neither are some other things

TSTA’s opposition to President Trump’s proposed $5 billion-a-year voucher giveaway to private and religious schools prompted an email from a teacher, who wrote, “Thumbs down to TSTA’s constant bashing of Trump…your constant bashing of our conservative moral values.”

Wonder which one of these “conservative moral values” the teacher meant. Trump’s decision to tear apart immigrant families at the southern border? The kiss-and-don’t-tell hush money that landed his former lawyer in prison? His almost constant stream of exaggerations, misrepresentations, lies and lack of respect for the Constitution? Or maybe she means the “moral values” he so eloquently expressed in the Access Hollywood tape….Surely not.

Yep, someone has been bashing our conservative moral values, and it hasn’t been the Texas State Teachers Association.

More to the current point, adequately and equitably funding public schools IS a conservative moral value because public schools are where the vast majority of the children in this state and country will continue to be educated. Improvements in public school funding are essential to the future of this country, and TSTA is committed to fighting for those improvements.

Taking $5 billion a year in taxpayer money from those public schools, including the one in which this complaining teacher teaches, and using that money to enrich private school owners is not a conservative moral value, regardless of who proposes it.

Clay Robison


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