Texas’ future returns to school

Each backtoschool day is a little exciting, with the promise of new opportunities and new adventures for children and parents alike. I am not speaking as an educator, because I am not one, but as a parent who has ridden in more than a few of these rodeos before.

My daughter, Taylor, will begin her senior year at UTAustin on Wednesday, enroute to dental school. Her brother, Adrian, started his junior year today at Austin’s Bowie High School. I should say he started the first day of classes today. His “fall semester” actually began on Aug. 1, when members of Bowie’s awardwinning marching band (he plays the trumpet) reported for drills in tripledigit heat.

And, this morning, my 5yearold daughter, Caroline, who spent the first two years of her life in an orphanage in China, began her kindergarten adventure at Doss Elementary, where most of the other parents (and some of the teachers) seemed remarkably young. Must have been my imagination, eh?

Texas’ future is returning to classrooms all over the state, where it is being greeted by dedicated educators who have been through a very rough year and may face more rough spots during the upcoming months.

With these educators, our future is in good hands, despite a shameful lack of support from state political “leaders” who profess to know where our future lies but have lost their compass. How much brighter Texas’ collective prospects could be, though, if these alleged leaders were to find that compass and discover a sense of accountability.


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