Watch out for voucher candidates in the GOP runoffs

With the Legislature facing a shortfall next January that has been projected (so far) at anywhere between $11 billion and $15 billion, wasting precious tax dollars on private school vouchers should be one of the last things on any politically reasonable mind. The key word here, though, is reasonable.

In four key (for teachers) Republican runoffs for the Texas House on April 13, vouchers are an issue. Charles Perry, who is trying to unseat veteran Rep. Delwin Jones of Lubbock in District 83, supports vouchers. So do Republican runoff candidates for three open House seats Van Taylor (District 66, Plano area), John Frullo (District 84, Lubbock) and Susan Curling (District 127, north Harris County). They confirmed their support in a questionnaire published by the conservative Liberty Institute.

TSTA is backing Delwin Jones for reelection and in the open Republican races is supporting Mabrie Jackson (District 66), Mark Griffin (District 84) and Dan Huberty (District 127). They all oppose vouchers.

Remember, you can vote in the Republican runoff if you voted in the March 2 Republican primary or skipped the primary entirely. You can’t cross over to the Republican runoff if you voted in the Democratic primary on March 2.

Early voting for the runoffs will begin on Monday, April 5.

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  • I am a teacher and I support vouchers. Many of my colleagues either support vouchers or do not consider them a priority issue. I would be interested in reading a nonpolitical, issuesbased piece on this site about your position against vouchers. I am not closed to another point of view it’s just that everything I see is political.

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