Dan Patrick and Ken Paxton don’t want you to vote for these candidates


Attorney General Ken Paxton and other anti-public education politicians are still trying to scare educators away from the polls, but most educators know better than to be intimidated by Paxton’s political posturing, Empower Texans’ lies and Dan Patrick’s rants. Now, it is almost time to show them, in the most effective way possible, what you think of their behavior – and their anti-school policies.

Early voting in the party primaries will begin next Tuesday (Feb. 20). This is the time for educators to participate in the one act of civic engagement that opponents fear the most. I have attached at the end of this post a link to TSTA PAC’s list of endorsed candidates in contested races in both Republican and Democratic primaries around the state.

TSTA PAC endorsed these candidates – some are incumbent officeholders and some are challengers – on one issue only, their records and/or views on supporting public education, educators and school kids. The endorsements are based on real commitments to public schools, not mere lip service.

These individuals are candidates that Dan Patrick, Ken Paxton, Empower Texans and their school privatization allies don’t want you to vote for, and that’s why they have been trying to suppress your vote. But this year, you have more reason than ever to go to the polls. Please Vote Education First!

TSTA PAC’s endorsements are here:


If you are not sure which Texas House, state Senate or congressional district you live in, go to the following link and fill in your home address:


You can make a positive difference for public schools in Texas, but only if you Vote Education First!




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