HB 3 analysis

School finance and teacher pay commanded a lot of attention during the 2019 session of the Texas Legislature, but years of neglect weren’t reversed overnight. The end result, House Bill 3, is a mixed bag for educators and their students. It’s also an enormous bag. The bill runs 300 pages and touches on dozens of aspects of public education, including pre-K, dyslexia identification, teacher certification and much more. As TSTA parses this new law we will post our analysis of key provisions here.

TSTA analysis

HB3 Implementation

The passing of HB3 was only a first step. Before you see all the changes in your school and classroom, new rules have to be crafted to amend the administrative and education codes. Several entities have a responsibility for rule making, and schedules vary as to when these entities will be addressing various provisions of the bill. We’ll post schedules here as they become available.