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TSTA issues endorsements in March 3 primary races

These endorsements in legislative, congressional and State Board of Education races include both Democrats and Republicans, and they are based on one issue — the candidates’ views on public education. The election of pro-public education candidates is essential if educators are going to have the political support and resources necessary for student success. Read more

Want to be a delegate to your political party’s state and/or national convention next year?

It is important that educators be delegates to the Democratic and Republican state and national conventions next summer to help ensure that public education is a central issue in the 2020 presidential race and state races. Download TSTA’s flyer to learn more about becoming a delegate to your political party’s state and/or national convention.

Voters approve Proposition 4, but TSTA scores some victories

Trying to kill Proposition 4 on the constitutional amendments ballot was always an uphill battle because of longstanding opposition in Texas to a state income tax, and in the end the proposal was adopted, 76 percent to 24 percent, in Tuesday’s election. On a positive note, Proposition 7, which was endorsed by TSTA, was approved, 73 percent to 27 percent.

All in all, it was a short-sighted vote promoted by state leaders who are under-funding state government now and were happy to play politics with Texas’ future. Read more

TSTA urges votes against Proposition 4 and for Proposition 7

TSTA opposes Proposition 4 because it is anti-education, is unnecessary and, if adopted, will remove a constitutional source of future dedicated funding for public schools. Under Proposition 4, any future attempt to create an income tax would require a new constitutional amendment that would first have to be approved by two-thirds of the Texas House and state Senate, and legislators would not have to use the money on education. They could designate the revenue for any purpose, including tax breaks for wealthy corporations. Read more 

Chapter 37 student discipline updates

During its recent session, the Legislature made a number of changes to laws governing student codes of conduct and procedures, and the Texas Education Agency has analyzed these changes in correspondence to school districts. These new laws covered by TEA make changes to Chapter 37 of the Texas Education Code that will impact districts in the 2019-20 school year. Read more

HB 3 analysis

School finance and teacher pay commanded a lot of attention during the recent session of the Texas Legislature, but years of neglect weren’t reversed overnight. The end result, House Bill 3, is a mixed bag for educators and their students. It’s also an enormous bag. The bill runs 300 pages and touches on dozens of aspects of public education, including pre-K, dyslexia identification, teacher certification and much more. As TSTA parses this new law we will post our analysis of key provisions here.

TRS legislative wrap-up

The major legislation passed this session impacting TRS, SB 12, is intended to stabilize the pension fund for retirees going forward, and includes a one-time 13th check not to exceed $2,000 to be issued by September 2020 to eligible retirees (those retired on or before December 31, 2018). Read more

86th Legislature wrap-up

You made a difference! TSTA thanks everyone who marched to the polls, rallied at the Capitol, responded to our Action Alerts and contacted their state legislators during the session. Read more

Report from the Capitol

TSTA works hard to monitor the activity of the Legislature and the committees that deliberate the legislation that is critical to public school students and educators.

Lobbying resources

TSTA has prepared several one pagers that outline our legislative priorities on a range of educational issues. Feel free to use them when you are contacting your legislator or speaking with family or colleagues about the issues affecting you and your students.

TSTA’s legislative priorities
Senate Bill 4 analysis
School funding
Teacher pay
Teachers deserve a livable and dignified retirement
Comparison of HB9 and SB12
Charter schools versus public schools
Merit pay

Top education issues

Here is a summary of major educational issues before the Legislature and TSTA’s stand on them.
Read more

6 steps to boost your advocacy for students and public schools

It’s time to take stock of what’s important to us, what is worth speaking out about and protecting. Whether it’s health care, nutrition and safe communities or ensuring every student has a caring, qualified teacher and education support professionals, a well-rounded curriculum and inviting classes small enough for one-on-one attention, we are deeply committed to the success of every student. Here are six ways to stand up for students and public schools.

TRS Pension, Health Care Briefing Materials

TRS Pension, Health Care briefing materials provide updates, detailed information regarding the status of the TRS defined benefit pension fund and the TRS Care and ActiveCare health care plans.

TRS Pension Trust Fund

TRS Legislative Summary

TRS Health Benefits Study

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