Resources for the 87th Legislature

Texas’ 87th Legislative Session Wrap-up

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Informational resources on bills that have passed:

HB 4545 Implementation 

HB 3 Reading Academies 

Now that our classrooms have been censored, what does this mean for teachers?

Special Session:

TSTA opposes Senate Bill 15  

HB3979 seeks to soft-pedal racism, not address critical race theory (flyer)

Students deserve an accurate account of history

TSTA member testimony on history standards

TSTA testimony in opposition to SB 3

Bills sent to the governor

Legislative Priorities for the 87th Legislative Session

COVID Response

Learning beyond COVID

Outcomes funding and STAAR

Merit pay for teachers misses the real problem

Vouchers: The answer is still NO

We must test less, invest more in our classrooms

Teacher pay: Now is the time

Give teachers a more livable retirement

Repeal 1882

Teacher evaluation in Texas: a surefire way to devalue teaching

Safe and secure learning environments, not more guns

Virtual schools: a lifeboat, not a cruise ship

A legislative agenda to make every dollar count for all Texas students (recommendations to level the playing field between charter and public schools in Texas)

Education Jobs: Assets to the Community and the Economy

Digital divide study

Committee reports and Senate and House actions:

Bill reports:

Track education-related bills