Voting resources

Texas politics influences nearly every part of the school day, from who can drive a school bus to what you can teach in the classroom and how much time you have to plan your lessons. That’s why Texas public school employees must pledge to #VoteEducationFirst every time, in every election.

We #VoteEducationFirst! Public education is on the ballot in every election. When we #VoteEducationFirst we ensure that we send elected leaders who respect the difficult, crucial work we do every day into the roles that have the power to improve public education.

Voting Tips
Voting was a big topic of debate during the recent legislative sessions. While TSTA fought against restricting the right to vote, several bills centered around the voting process passed and are now law. TSTA has put together some tips about these new Texas election laws and reminders about voting to help you #VoteEducationFirst.

TSTA is active in the political arena because we understand the connection between our political engagement and power and officeholders’ decisions, which affect your personal and professional life. TSTA dues money is never used to elect public officials; members can elect to fund the TSTA-PAC Continuing Contributor Program to help TSTA elect public officials who are supportive of educators and public education and will vote in the best interest of America’s schoolchildren.

Every member who contributes increases our collective strength.

Texas Secretary of State information for Vote by Mail
The Texas Secretary of State provides step-by-step instructions on new identification requirements for mail-in ballot materials.

Share your passion!
You care about your students, your colleagues and Texas public education, don’t be shy about it! You can make a big difference in someone’s decision to go to the polls and elect pro-public education candidates. Talk to your friends, family and neighbors about why you #VoteEducationFirst; your experience as a Texas public school educator matters in your community.

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