Advocacy: voices from the classroom

Thank Teachers ad campaign

The Thank Teachers campaign, sponsored by TSTA and funded by an NEA grant, includes four Spanish-language ads that emphasize the partnership and hard work of parents and teachers, and the eventual rewards for their children and students. TSTA members are featured in the spots, which began in Brownsville, El Paso, and Laredo and expanded in October to San Antonio.

Carilu Hernandez, Harlandale ISD (San Antonio): interviews below; ad at   

Celia Saiz-Guerrero, Brownsville ISD: story at; ad at

Arisa Carr, Ysleta ISD (El Paso): story at; ad at

Stacy Rogerio, Laredo ISD: story at; ad at

Carilu Hernandez speaks from the classroom

In the following video clips, Carilu Hernandez, a second grade teacher in Harlandale ISD (San Antonio), comments on why she became a teacher and why it’s important for us to speak out and make sure our interests are represented at the local, state, and national levels.

Politics in the Classroom (video)
Classroom Budget Cuts (video)
Joining TSTA (video)
School Board Elections (video)
Why I Became a Teacher (video)
Finding Our Own Voice (video)

Power in numbers

In a powerful video released at the beginning of the 2013-14 school year, leaders and members explain the value of TSTA and how “Power in Numbers” provides us the skills and the voice to advocate successfully and make a difference for educational employees and our public schools.

How to thank your teacher

We have set up a facebook page for members of the public – and of the association – to write a tribute to their favorite teachers. Go to