Biden, Harris “Dream Ticket” for public education

Kamala Harris, presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s choice for running mate, has earned an “A” from the National Education Association as a first-term senator from California. She respects educators, has called out Betsy DeVos’ incompetence over reopening schools during the pandemic, has investigated for-profit charters and voted against vouchers, has advocated for increased K-12 funding, supports racial justice and equity and has proposed plans to make college more accessible.

“Simply put, the Biden-Harris ticket is the ‘Dream Team’ for our public schools and our students — one that respects educators and will listen to those who know the names of the kids in the classrooms when it comes to deciding what is best for our students,” NEA President Lily Eskelsen-Garcia said.

As the first woman of color to be selected for a major party ticket, Harris also reinforces Biden’s commitment to forming an administration that looks like America, one that will reflect the country’s diversity and work to unite the country.

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