Charter bill heard by House Public Ed Committee

A bill allowing an expansion of charter schools was among several bills heard on Thursday by the House Public Education Committee. All the bills were left pending without committee action.

Senate Bill 127 by Sen. Patrick, the charter school bill, already has been approved by the Senate and is opposed by TSTA. The Senate version of SB127 caps new special education charters at two per year, beginning in September 2012, and allows the state education commissioner to levy penalties against charter schools for any violation of law or rules. The bill also establishes a virtual charter school.

The committee also heard the following bills:

  • SB 224 by Nelson, relating to recognizing public schools with successful student health and fitness programs.
  • SB 226 by Nelson, relating to reporting individual student performance on a physical fitness assessment instrument to the Texas Education Agency.
  • SB 738 by Shapiro, relating to alternative methods of operating public schools.
  • SB 1113 by Wentworth, relating to certain contracts entered into by school districts for another entity to provide food services.
  • SB 1543 by Wentworth, relating to the authority of independent school districts to invest in corporate bonds.