Compliance Resources:

Compliance is very important and there are lots of folks that are here to help guide your local through this process.

Your field representative is an important resource that your local board can work with to develop the pieces essential to a Power Plan such as an organizing campaign. If you have technical issues with the Survey Monkey format, or would like to explore alternative ways of submitting your documents, just email us at

Patrick Harvey-OCALD Director-  feedback, questions about your Power Profile or plan
Kay Williams- OCALD-  feedback, questions about AR rosters and updates
Babs Didner-CFO-  feedback, questions about rebates
Adriana Montoya-Membership – feedback, questions about membership rosters and updates
Jo Williford /Anezka Carmona feedback, general inquiries, pulling past years submissions in case helpful, help with forms, compliance committee liaisons, and bylaws assistance.
Richard Kouri- Executive Director- feedback, bylaws inquiries