Haecker warns TSTA is ready and able to help angry parents respond to damage to children’s schools

TSTA President Rita Haecker was quoted in the San Antonio Current today, concerning legislators’ claim that, “We didn’t have the money to support public education in Texas.”

“That’s not true,” she said. “They did have the resources and the ability to do it. They chose not to do it for what I believe are political reasons more than anything.

“If they can come out of a session not raising taxes, not using our rainy day fund, it looks like they are being fiscally responsible. That’s the message that is out there, but the truth is we are being economically irresponsible to our kids, to the future of our state,” she said.

Haecker said parents will be outraged when they discover how the school day has changed. “TSTA has plans to reach out to parents, to help explain and direct the inevitable anger, and they have trained personnel ready to handle the mission. Teachers. They know how to educate.”