Help us fight the science deniers

The State Board of Education (SBOE) this year will overhaul curriculum standards that guide what Texas public school students are taught in their science classrooms. Science deniers don’t want to teach the truth about climate change, one of the most serious challenges facing our world today. It is critical that the new science standards ensure that students understand climate change is a serious problem, that human activity is causing it and that we must address it effectively.

TSTA is helping the Texas Freedom Network make sure that the SBOE understands that science can’t be denied or ignored, and here is what you can do.

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) is taking applications from individuals who want to serve on work groups revising science standards. These work groups are open to anyone to apply, although preference is given to educators.

These work groups will hash out the actual language of the standards that will be proposed to the board. It is critical that people who want sound science to be taught in our classrooms serve on these groups. If you would like to participate, click here for information about the groups and how to apply.

There is another option for science educators. TEA is surveying science educators about the current standards (called the TEKS, or Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills). The results of the survey will inform the recommendations of the science TEKS work groups. Filling out this survey also will let SBOE members know that educators think that teaching students the facts about climate change is critically important. You can find the survey and related information here.