House approves Teacher Appreciation Week

The House on Monday passed a number of bills relating to education, including a resolution declaring Teacher Appreciation Week, at least for those teachers whose jobs survive the deep budget cuts.

The bills were:

  • HCR 152 by Raul Torres, designating the first full week of May as Texas Teacher Appreciation Week for a 10-year period, 2012 to 2021.
  • SB 1484 by Shapiro and Mark Strama, authorizing open-enrollment charter schools to be awarded academic distinction designations.
  • SB 54 by Judith Zaffirini and Rob Eissler, relating to certification to teach public school students who have visual impairments.
  • SB 89 by Eddie Lucio and Eddie Rodriguez, relating to summer nutrition programs provided by school districts.
  • SB 226 by Jane Nelson and Todd Smith, relating to reporting individual student performance on a physical fitness assessment instrument to the Texas Education Agency.
  • SB 290 by Kirk Watson and Ana Hernandez Luna, relating to including a personal financial literacy component in certain public school mathematics courses.
  • SB 471 by Royce West and Tan Parker, relating to public school and child-care facility policies addressing sexual abuse and other maltreatment of children.
  • SB 966 by Carlos Uresti and Joe Pickett, relating to high school diplomas for certain military veterans.
  • SB 1094 by Jose Rodriguez and Mark Strama, relating to the availability of online testing for high school equivalency examinations.
  • SB 1114 by Jeff Wentworth and Todd Smith, relating to the regulation of driver training schools and instruction.
  • SB 1557 by John Carona and Mark Strama, relating to the establishment of the Texas High Performance Schools Consortium.
  • SB 149 by Royce West and Joaquin Castro, relating to rules adopted and reporting required under the school district college credit program.
  • The House also accepted Senate amendments to the following bills and sent them to the governor:
  • HB2971, relating to the confidentiality of documents evaluating the performance of public school districts.
  • HB2135, relating to assessment requirements for public schools.