House Ed hears school attendance, online testing bills

The House Public Education Committee heard several Senate bills on Tuesday and left them all pending.

They were:

  • SB 140 by Shapiro, relating to minimum school attendance for class credit or a final grade.
  • SB 419 by West, relating to prohibiting state funding to public junior colleges for physical education courses offered for joint high school and junior college credit.
  • SB 536 by Davis, relating to the use of certain discipline management practices or behavior management techniques by school district peace officers.
  • SB 596 by Shapiro, relating to transition planning for a public school student receiving special education services.
  • SB 1094 by Rodriguez, relating to the availability of online testing for high school equivalency examinations.
  • SB 1349 by Van de Putte, relating to a requirement that a person hold a license issued by the appropriate state agency to be employed as a marriage and family therapist by a school district.
  • SB 1410 by Duncan, relating to reporting student enrollment in tech-prep programs and evaluating tech-prep consortia.
  • SB 1484 by Shapiro, relating to authorizing open-enrollment charter schools to be awarded academic distinction designations.
  • SB 1557 by Carona, relating to the Texas High Performance Schools Corsortium.
  • SB 1619 by Duncan, relating to participation of public high school students in college credit programs.
  • SB 1872 by Van de Putte, relating to revising, revoking or denying renewal of charters of open-enrollment charter schools under certain circumstances.