II. Compliance Submission Documents: Active and Full Capacity

The Power Plan and Power Profile work together and are combined. They will come to local presidents as an online Survey Monkey survey, one questionnaire for each section. Local presidents will receive a series of nine emails from localplanning@tsta.org via surveymonkey.com that include links to an online Survey Monkey version of the Full-Capacity Local Documents. There will be one email for each of the nine topics or areas covered by the assessment and planning process. These are Issue Organizing and Membership; Campus/Worksite  Leadership; Leadership Development; Communications; Political Action; Advocacy; Internal Governance; Business Systems; and External Governance.

Active Status: While it is helpful to your local to fill out as much as you can, only the first two sections- (Issue Organizing) and (Membership and Campus/Worksite Leadership) in the Power Profile and (Organizing) and (Leadership) in the Power Plan are required for Active Status.

Campus/Worksite Leadership centers on Campus Leaders/AR’s. It is required that you submit an AR List and incorporate AR Training Information into this section or submit in a separate format.

Full Capacity Status: All sections of the Power Plan and profile (including AR list and training report) are required for Full Capacity Status.

Plan Report: If you completed any or all sections of the plan last year, it is very helpful and part of required compliance submissions for active and full capacity locals to reflect upon how the year went, especially on an ongoing basis. A copy of the plan report was emailed to local presidents or your local may do a reflections narrative in a format of your choosing.

Resources: Several supporting documents that may be helpful for use in completing your planning are now available on the TSTA website at https://tsta.org/node/1633. These include directions for how to use the Full-Capacity Local documents to make a plan and an FAQ on the planning and Compliance process. A goals progress worksheet Excel worksheet you can use to monitor the progress of your plan throughout the year was also emailed to local presidents.

If you have technical issues with the Survey Monkey format, or would like to explore alternative ways of submitting your documents, email localplanning@tsta.org. If you need assistance with the substance of your local planning process, you can contact your TSTA field staff person or Patrick Harvey, Director of OCALD, at patrickh@tsta.org.