Join the early voting parade; MJ Hegar, the public education candidate, coming on strong in Senate race

Record numbers of Texans, including TSTA members, already have voted, and people like U.S. Sen. John Cornyn are nervous. Cornyn, a Trump lapdog for the past four years, is now trying to distance himself from the president because MJ Hegar, TSTA’s endorsed candidate, is coming on strong.

Cornyn supported Trump’s politically motivated pressure to force schools to reopen prematurely during the pandemic, putting students, educators and their families at risk. MJ Hegar’s priority will be keeping students and educators safe.

Early voting will continue through Oct. 30. If you have already voted, thank you. If you haven’t voted, watch Hegar’s message to TSTA members. Then check out TSTA’s list of endorsed candidates, grab your photo ID and your mask and go Vote Education First! And take your family, friends and co-workers with you. If the line at your polling place is long, it is worth the wait. Go the bottom of the ballot for school board races.

Here are more election resources.

Also, please consider joining or increasing your contribution to TSTA-PAC. In the Austin political world, you are either at the table or on the menu, but in TSTA-PAC there is strength in numbers.

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