Join the Text Out the Vote Day of Action on Saturday

This Saturday, Oct. 17, NEA will host a member-to-member “Text Out the Vote Day of Action.” From 11:30-2 p.m. Central time, we will be texting members in an effort to encourage early or mail voting. There will be speakers throughout the day, including congressional candidate Gina Ortiz Jones at 1:45, and between speakers there will be music and raffles as members stay on the zoom call and continue to text.

We are expecting 250-300 members (or more) from across the country to participate, so please join us. This will be a great way to volunteer, engage, and help elect a new president! Please register here.

Here are some other opportunities to get out the educator vote:

Every Monday and Tuesday at 6 p.m., Central, and 5 p.m., Mountain, NEA is coordinating calls to NEA members in battleground states throughout the country. You can participate here.

Every Wednesday, Educators for Biden is coordinating calls to voters in battleground states. Calls next week, Oct. 21, will be made to North Carolina voters. Your help is needed.