Keep calling the Capitol against vouchers and other anti-teacher proposals

With a showdown in the Texas House postponed until tomorrow (Thursday), you and your members have another opportunity to keep calling your state representatives to demand a NO vote against vouchers and a NO vote against any attempt to pass the anti-teacher provisions from House Bill 400.

Those proposals are expected to be offered as amendments to Senate Bill 1811 and Senate Bill 1581, which were postponed today after House and Senate negotiators were unable to resolve their differences over the public education budget. Negotiators are still trying to reach a compromise between the Senate’s very bad budget, which would cut $4 billion from the public schools over the next two years, and the House’s even worse budget, which would slash $8 billion from public education. And, with the Legislature required to adjourn by May 30, time is beginning to run out.

SBs 1811 and 1581 are related to the budgetary and school finance process. They are still very much alive and susceptible to a wide range of amendments, including vouchers and HB 400.

Please urge your members to continue calling their state representatives and keep up the pressure against deep budget cuts, against vouchers and against amendments that would do all the things that had been proposed in House Bill 400. Thanks to your calls, House Bill 400 died as a separate piece of legislation last week, but its bad ideas won’t go away. They include raising the 22-1 class size cap in grades K-4 and other provisions attacking teacher pay and employment.

Use the toll-free number, 800-260-5444, and flood the Capitol with calls!